Savory Wild Nettle Custard

Everyone has his or her weekend rituals and I’m no exception.  Sunday means sleeping in and then going to my local farmer’s market.  I’ve become addicted to a few choice items, so rain or shine I’m always there.  Today I picked up my blood orange juice, Gerrondo Gerber daisies, some freshly roasted coffee, and among some other lovely items, wild nettles.  I’ve enjoyed wild nettles at various restaurants but have never prepared them myself.  Knowing that nettles are filled with vitamins (and are used for a vast array of homeopathic remedies including allergies, arthritis and UTI’s), I decided to give them a try.  Having no idea what to do with these wild greens, I searched the Internet and found this recipe:

Substituting shallots for leeks (because that’s all I had) I made these yummy custards, which are basically crust-less quiches. Our hens are now producing eggs at a steady rate, so I need to start searching out ways of using the abundance of fresh eggs.  


Wild nettles, also known as stinging nettles, are essentially a weed that gives a sting of histamines when contacted by people or animals.  Using gloves and tongs are advised when handling nettles, so proceed with caution.  Otherwise this recipe was simple and delicious.  Maybe I’ll start foraging for nettles in my own backyard!  


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